Ladies what does it mean when?

Me and my ex took a year break well almost a year. We got lunch and for the 1st time ever we saw/talked in person since our break. We're 20 by the way. I was curios i asked if she dated? she said "nothing serious". I told her who was dating and i told her i had slept with that person. I then asked her if she had done anyhting? she instead of answering she speed walked and covered her ears. As if she was getting chased and didn't want to hear me. She then later looked pissed and said "so just one huh hotshot"?

Does this mean she did things too?


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  • No. It means she got her feelings hurt that you had slept with another girl.. But don't worry about it, you said it had been a year. What did she expect? Lol


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