What did this guy mean by what he said?

So I've known him for about 13 years, we were in middle school together. We would have hooking up throughout the years once in a blue. He would contact me through FB and ask how I was. Anyway, we've been hanging out often this year and yes, hooking up. At first I didn't want it to be just hooking up, so I told him I didn't want it to be just about that and he said he'll try to take me out more, he didn't, so I just let it go. He's asked me to be his girl, (via text) or said why can't you be my girl one time. Anyway, today he called and told me about his ex and how she messaged him and said she's happier now without him. He kept saying how it bothered him that she had to even message him to tell him that. Anyway, he then went on to say it makes him appreciate me more because I don't give him any bs or make him mad and he likes spending time with me... Is he just technically saying I'm just an easy lay or am I reading too much into it? He was saying he tells me these things because he tells me wverything and he also sees me as a friend. He also said even though we don't talk everyday, he knows we're still cool.


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  • Ask him what he meant.


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