Love advice for an 17 year old girl?

Is it just this guy's ego? Do you think he truly had feelings for me?
There is this guy I have liked for four years. And he knows I have liked him for that longg and I know he has liked me back off and on for those years, he's even tried to approach me a couple times but something always got in the way. finally he got really into me which was great until he realized I found out he liked me. Because of that he gives me the cold shoulder. When I talk in a group with him he pretends I'm not there, which makes absolutely no sense to me because just a couple days ago he literally liked me so much! Now on social media he post stuff about regretting how he's been (basically regretting liking me) So my question is, is it just his ego what is it? Because at the end the day I'm the one who is totally crushed I don't think he understands how much I truly liked him


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  • What he really felt doesn't matter anymore. Try to move on.


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