Am I being dramatic?

I was seeing a guy for nearly a year and was never in an official relationship. When he disclosed that he had seen two other girls, I stopped talking to him for few months. We recently reconnected, he recognized he was wrong and asked for "another shot". I was very hesitant, but he truly appeared sincere (or maybe I'm just gullible).

He is spending more time with me and in many ways he has been more attentive... but I have noticed that he has shown a pattern of not communicating with me and is sometimes plain mean. This frustrates me because every time I talk about it, he implies I'm over reacting. I have reached the conclusion that it is best to end things because he doesn't show that he cares, but I want to check that I'm not merely being dramatic.

I have noticed I reach out first most of the time so I tried to minimize the contact to see if he would try reaching out to me that way. He tried calling me after two days and expressed he would like to speak over the phone ocassionally instead of texting. So the next day I called him and he gave me "5-10 minutes because he had to jump in the shower". When he calls and I miss his call, he gets upset and does not answer and explains through text that he got busy.

And even worse, the other day I noticed that he forgot my last name when he introduced me to his aunt between mumbles as "a friend.. a girl... a friend from work". It bothered me, but I decided not to say anything. That same day he got up and said he had to shower and let me walk out by myself even though he lives in a bad neighborhood and it was really dark. I told him I'm a bit scared of his area and asked if he could walk me before his shower. He assured me nothing would happen to me and let me leave.

Now, I am not sure if he is just rough by nature or if he plain doesn't care... but either way I'm done. Do you girls and guys think I'm being irrational? because he sure seems to think so...


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  • Yeah he sounds like a typical asshole.. Sorry lol. If you don't like how he treats you then drop his ass, don't stay for loneliness. You deserve more especially if he can't even walk you outside. Yeah nahhh


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