What to do if two guys ask you out at the same time?

My friend Daniel asked me out over text, but I told him to ask me in person instead. My friend Ryan asked me out today. Usually he, and I, and group of friends walk to the bus stop together but today it was just me and him. When we got to the bus stop my bus was pulling up but he asked me to stay to talk with him. So he tried to ask me out but he got nervous and started stuttering and then got side tracked so both his and my bus pulled up at the same time so we both had to leave. So now I don't know whom I should pick or how I'm going to date one but reject the other.
I mean like a relationship.


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  • Go out with both. No one has made commitments yet!

    Some of these under 18 posts are just too damn cute lol

  • you can date both of them. i mean it´s not like you´d cheat on anyone as long as you´re not in a relationship. and as long as you don´t have sex with both at the same time.

    • They meant like a relationship.

    • oh XD well i guess you have to decide then. just be honest to both of them and you can´t go wrong.

  • Anna is that you?

    • What?

    • oh sorry i've mistaken you for someone else.

    • Ohhh. Yea I'm definitely not Anna.

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