Let's Move On... What does he mean?

I setup a date night with the guy I have been dating. We haven't spent time together in months but we communicate over phone everyday. It's both our faults for that. Anyway, he cancelled our date last minute because he had to watch his kid. He apologized but I was still upset because we've been planning this for 2 weeks. I ended up telling him what he should have done. He stopped talking to me that night. I sent him a message apologizing for what I said since I was out of line. He said he was cool and let's move on from yesterday. What does this mean? Move on like let's move forward and forget about yesterday or move on as in let's not date anymore?
I should say the response was cool, let's move on from yesterday


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What Guys Said 2

  • 1- why don't you just ask him?
    2- move on from the situation.
    3- it's really not a big deal or something to argue over. he had to cancel to take care of his kid. it's not like he can just blow the little dude off or not like he just said "fuck you, i'm out".

    • if he wanted to end the relationship, i doubt it would've been over text and i doubt it would've been a 4 or 5 word response

    • I don't want to bug him. I already told him I agreed but now I'm having second thoughts about what he meant. I guess I may reading too much into it. We haven't spoken since I said I agreed. I know he has his kid today so maybe he's busy.

  • I think, forget about it, but continue dating


What Girls Said 1

  • You should just ask.

    • I already told him I agreed because I was happy that he messaged me back. But now I'm thinking he could have meant something else. Am I being paranoid? Are relationship not serious. We're kinda just friends/occasionally dating. We've been talking for a few months.

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    • I tried messaging him. He ignored my message. All I said was hey. Either he didn't want to deal with me because it was late/he's tired or what he meant was that he no longer wishes to talk to me. I saw him online for 45 mins so I know he was talking to others. I'll just leave him alone and think about what could have been :(.

    • Great idea
      Let him come to you.

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