I need to no what to do!! please help first possible relationship?

so i met this guy in April 2015.. we had a blast.. the first time i met him i stayed at his house for 2 days.. on the third day i woke up and freaked out like omg what am i doin? and i left while he was asleep.. he called me like where did u go? i told him i just freaked out.. lol two days later i came back over after work.. stayed for two days.. he ended up asking me to be his girl.. i told him i was scared.. and he dropped the subject..

we kept dating a week or two later he asked me to be his girl again i told him i was scared.. he said so am i.. and he dropped the subject..

after that i just started foolin around with him then id leave right after.. even when he didn't want me to go.. but it was just because i didn't no how to handle it.. i like him ALOTTTT like ALOTTT i can see myself being with him forever.. but im just terrified..

when i became distant and leaving right after sex.. he lost hope in me.. and started dating other girls.. and we started talking less.. he is a mma fighter.. and he got his jaw broke.. soon as i found that out it hit me all at once.. I KNEW I LOVED HIM!! FORREAL!! i came to his house fixed him mashed potatoes took care of him but this girl called.. and he told me that he's been talkin too her for a few weeks when me and him was not talking.. and him and her are together..

i immediately knew i waited too long i played games i kept telling him no when in reality i loved him..

he stayed with her for 3 months it was a veryyy long distance phone relationship he only flew to her house twice for a week at a time..

i didn't want to give up on him.. so i continued to be there for him.. i ended up telling him i loved him.. and he didn't say anything.. a few hours later while watching tv.. he looks at me and says.. i no i didn't say it b4.. but i love u.. and i never thought it was possible but i feel like i love her too.. and im stuck.. he's like its not fair for any of us.. i to


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  • He can't serve two women so not much you can do till he decides. I wouldn't be romantic till he makes his choice. He could keep both of you on a string

    • he got rid of her already over a month ago and i still haven't visited him yet he wants me to come an i keep delaying it..

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