How do I have the talk with a guy that I've been dating? help me define our relationship?

this guy and i have been dating since April 2015.. he has asked me to be his girl a few times.. like 3 or 4 times and i keep tellin him im scared.. so he leaves it alone for a few months then asks me again.. but in reality im afraid to say yes.. because if i do make it official.. and he ends up cheating on me.. WE WILL BE DONE FOR EVER!! and i really dont want to lose him because i love him.. forreal.. he broke his jaw cuz he's a mma fighter.. and i instantly knew i loved him.. and he knows it.. he told me he loved me too but when he said that.. he was dating other girls.. just like i was dating other guys.. he told me that he's really connected to another girl and he never knew it was possible to feel like he loved two girls at once.. but he asked me to move in with him when i told him i was moving out of state.. (i lied to him because i knew i needed to get out of this situation).. i didn't talk to him or see him for 3 months.. after we told eachother we loved eachother.. and he asked me to move in..

we left eachother alone.. he continued to be in a relationship with the other girl.. but he found out she's crazy and now he's not dating anyone.. he got ahold of me and was like im sorry i made the wrong choice.. and i wanna figure things out with u.. he asked me to be his girl again.. i told him i still need time.. he said ok.. its been a few weeks he asked me again.. like forreal be mine.. he's like no games.. lets do this.. seriously.. i told him we will talk when i see him this weekend coming up..

what CAN I SAY TO HIM? i know i love him.. but i know that he's hot and cold.. when he's hot he's really hot! when he's cold he's really cold! so thats why i always tell him no.. i dont feel like he's consistant..

what do i say to him when we have the talk this weekend.. ? i need a speech... but i dont wanna be a downer.. when we talk and i gotta tell him i need consistancy.. i need to make sure he won't cheat.. i need to know this is exactly what he wants because if it goes bad.. IM GONE!! its over..

but if i say it like that he's gonna be like oh shit this is too much already! like she's already actin up.. lol u no what i mean? what do i say to make this sound light hearted.. and a relationship that isn't gonna tie eachother down and scare eachother.. its about being in love and free.. and happy.. nothin bad.. ? what do i say to him.. pleaseeeeeee please help me define our relationship!!


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  • You just ask to talk to him about something... be direct about it

    • but he shuts down when i bring up bad things.. about our situation so i have to put it in a light hearted way or ill look like im naggin already and we haven't even begun

    • What a loser

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