Help!!! What does he mean?

Help!!! What does he mean?

I setup a date night with the guy I have been dating. We haven't spent time together in months but we communicate over phone everyday. I felt guilty for not arranging a date night sooner. So we planned something 2 weeks in advance. He cancelled our date last minute because he had to watch his kid. He apologized but I was still upset because we haven't seen each other in a while and I wanted that intimate connection again. I ended up telling him what he should have done. He stopped talking to me that night (I know this because he read my messages without responding and ignored my call). I sent him a message the next day apologizing for what I said since I was out of line. He said cool let's move on from yesterday. What does this mean? A) Move on meaning let's move forward and forget about yesterday or B) Move on as in let's not date anymore? We haven't talked since he sent that message either.


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  • I take it as move on and forget yesterday

    • Do you mean he wants to forget the incident and still be with me?

    • That's how I take it

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