Why does he do this and act like this?

* I have a crush on this guy who I've known for a bit now
* he also said to my friend that he might have seen a connection between me and him and he's like don't tell her though
* my friends all asked if he likes me and he's like I don't like her like that
but then why would he say that connection thing to me..
* I also went out for his birthday in August and he told me to take care of him
* we work together so we always flirt with one another at work
*we both go to the same gym and I saw him today as I was walking towards the change rooms
*two things happened: 1. We both looked right at each other and locked eyes but he didn't smile or say hi or anything to me just a blank face
* the second time he was playing basketball and he looked at me then looked at the floor then looked back up to look at me again
* also, I was out with him last night with a bunch of our friends and I sent him a text just to see and make sure he was going out and I don't have data on my phone so I never got his message until I had wifi but his response was yeah are you going? But I never replied back to him.
* then he messaged me again when we got to the bar and I saw my cousins so I was talking to them then I saw other people that I knew and started talking to them.
*by this time it was almost 2:00 and he sends me another text asking if I took off already?
* so why do guys look at you often but don't do anything about it and why would he text me asking if I left already?


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  • Stop looking at each other and start talking. I don't see anything in the way of actual communication here, so how on earth will either of you know what the other one is thinking?

    • Yeahhh were very quiet when we are around one another:/ like he saw me when I walked into the bar so I went over to see him and he gave me a hug but he was barely around me like sometimes he followed me whenever I went its a strange situation.. Even the one time a few of my friends and his friends went out and my crush was sitting beside me and he didn't say anything but he kept looking at me 5 or 6 times so my friend called him out on it saying hey! I saw that and he's like what? What ahaha then his face went all red

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    • I think so. But it's hard to say... impossible unless he opens his mouth. :)

    • Okay thank you so much!

  • i wouldn't over analyze the thing at this point he's probably unsure how he feels towards you. Talk more to him then you will know.


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