Would you date me even though I clean toilets for a living?

I'm a 30 yr old guy and I clean toilets for a living. its not what i want to do obviously, but the hours are flexible and I can do my shifts any day and start at any time, so long as i do my 3 shifts a week.

This fits in perfectly with my uni hours as they are never the same and i sometimes have full days of field work to do.

So, ignoring everything else (looks, personality etc), is the fact that i clean toilets for a living an instant no? Its a shit job and pays shit money, however its helping to fund my studying.

I want to start dating again, but im worried that most women will do a runner as soon as they find out i have such a low paying, crappy job.


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  • Pretty sure most girls would say yes on here and stuff about if you match personality wise with them. Reality: NO they would not.

  • If a woman does a runner as soon as they find out, they're not the woman for you.


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