Still single, why?

Im 40 years old and have never been in a real relationship. Before those of you judge me and tell me I should be out joining some club or go to a bar and introduce myself to women or talk to friends and ask them to set me up with someone or go try online dating (been online for years and been on bunch of dates but nothing)... trust me I have tried all of that!!

I've only been intimate with 3 girls in my entire life. One was a girl who I met in a bar- we fooled around that night, never seen or heard from her since. Another was a girl I went on 5 dates with, I thought we had some sort of connection, we kissed, but after that she pretty much wanted nothing to do with me... for some reason, that one took a long time to get over. The last girl I dated was for 3 months. We talked everyday, hung out all the time, got intimate a few times. Her problem was that she was emotionally unavailable for a relationship (she was recently divorced) and near the end became verbally abusive with me. I made the cardinal mistake of putting up with it cause I felt like this was the closest and best I will ever get to being in a relationship. She eventually stopped talking to me and ingnored all my calls. I see her once in a while cause of work and it pains me to know that I cannot walk up to her and talk to her. We met online. After this mess... I took my dating profile off line, to reflect, to re-evaluate my life and what I am looking for in a potential partner.

I think I am a good looking guy. Despite being 40, I have been told I look way younger. Im not overweight. I stay in shape, but im thin, not a bodybuilder by any means, but overall I never thought looks were a problem for me. I am an introvert, and thats a big problem. I dont have very many friends and I have no dating skills whatsoever. Im sure that women in the past have shown interest in me, its cause of my lack of dating skills I have been unable to recognize them. I am independent, have a good job, live a


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  • You answered your own question here.

    Your lack of experience is keeping you back.
    If you don't figure things out now... you'll continue to be at a permanent set back for the rest of your life.

    You have to ask yourself,
    "Is this what I want for myself?"

    I am positive you will answer "No".
    You have to work on yourself and putting you out there more.
    Your biggest enemy is yourself because you are standing in your own way.

    I suggest you seek counseling or therapy, so they can better equip you with the tools you need to further advance in life.

    You CAN do it!!
    Don't get discouraged.
    It's never too late.

    For the now, keep putting yourself out there.


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