Guys, to help girls everywhere, does your texting habits determine how much you like a girl?

As we all know girls find connection to guys through talking and most of us text these days so when we don't hear from a guy it sends us into a weird little craze. So I have to ask for every girl. Does a guys texting habits determine his feelings for the girl he's seeing?
Or is it just a case of busy, forgetful, feel like alone time, only reply to texts but rarely sends them etc?
  • Not at all, I'm chilled and only really reply to texts not send them
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  • Yes, if I don't text you then I don't like you
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  • If I have a big crush on a girl and I'm not in the hospital I text her 5-7 days a week.

  • I dont text my mom, why would I text a girl I like? I only text a girl if its for something important, being like "hi hows your day" is just stupid to me, I hate that so much and you will never catch me doing that.


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