Ladies please help!! Am I to chase or leave it?

After going through the motions of a break up (long term) I decided it was time to get out there and try and find someone. I tried some of the dating apps and apart from chatting to some people I lost all hope. Just as I was on the verge of wiping the apps I matched with a girl who seemed to tick the boxes.
We got chatting and it was full on, just staying up for hours finding out about each other and we really clicked, she was exactly who I had been looking for and she felt the same. we both developed quite deep feelings pretty quickly. After a week we had plans to see each other over Christmas, new year and her birthday, it was always said IF it worked out.
We then arranged a first date, a bit strange but it was at her house because I live an hour away, she had her children so said I could sleep on the sofa which I did. It was great, we got on so well and when I went home the next day she asked of I could go round again the next day. I did and we had another great night.
This is where it turned. I could tell something was up. sje said she gets depressed around Christmas but everything went so cold, she said she likes me so much but it is scaring her so could we take it slower. Of course I said yes. we had a date planned the week after, she cancelled. Then she messaged me saying she meant what she said but is not in a position to offer anything and I am too nice for her. I thought maybe it was because she had a lot going on but said I would not give up on her. I invited her out for a meal, jus as friends to give her a couple of hours away from the crap she's got going on. She agreed but when it got to the day she cancelled again.
It got to the point where I said I would leave her to it and she can contact me of she feels like it but I can't help messaging her still.
She still replies to me but not in the same way.
What do I do, do I chase her or give up?
She has no self esteem and wonders why I like her.


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  • Hold her hand and explain to her carefully why exactly you like her. The more you give yourself to her, the more her confidence will grow allowing her to give herself to you.


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