What's your take on sleepovers with your fwb? Is it normal?

just wondering for those of you who have had a friends with benefits relationship, did you ever let him/her sleepover? Or was that out of the picture completely.

First friends with benefits I had, he stayed over/I slept over and it was just casual sex. Left as soon as I woke up.
Second guy always asked me to sleepover and he started catching feelings, so I ended the relationship.
Current guy (not sure if fwb) has asked to sleep over. We've only had sex one other time. Worried he might be like the second guy and catch feelings.

Do do you see it as more of a relationship thing or just simply a sleepover, still no attachments?


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  • i think the general rule is you can sleep over or cuddle. so you dont get attached to them...

    you can not like someone like that but still get attached. this detachement is painful still regardless.

    you have to keep your emotions in check and gaurded. most girls want to feel loved so it causes issues a lot of times


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  • If I have a friend with benefits, they have to have somewhere to sleep with me. Their place, my place, who cares?


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  • I don't think that's good, just sleep and leave.


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