This girl from work wants out of her relationship but I'm not really interested in her enough?

she's been with him for a long time and her only relationship so far. it sounds like a very stall relationship and horrible living conditions ( what happened as she and him moved out into there own apartment only for his loser relatives to move in with them after they couldn't live where they were. and there all in a tiny 1 bedroom apt , with some on the floor ) .

i think she just wants a change and that she is somewhat interested in me. but i'm not really that interested in her , i find her attractive and she has a nice personality and i could see her having more potential but i couldn't really commit to her and she'd need somewhere else to live and i wouldn't be ready for her to come here. its also awkward that we work together. but i don't think there is any chance her relationship improves and that she is going to continue to flirt with idea of being with someone else.


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  • Then what ever you do don't lead her on , or she will defanantly take it the wrong way

    • I think she has taken things the wrong way already or desperately wants out , I'm not sure. we go on a week and a half holiday break in 2 days so I have some time away from her but she has more time stuck there with nothing to do. so not sure what things be like when she gets back

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    • I wonder about her finances too , people at work have commented she doesn't appear to own much clothes and wears same things a lot. she also appears to have few items of value , she does have a cell phone but haven't seen anything else. her bf's car is also used and in very poor shape , I always can't get over how he drives it without the left side mirror that is missing , although its in better shape than there past van that appeared to be imminently ready to break down. my car is new and she has seen it there at work too

    • These are thing she prolly can't afford if she is keeping up a bunch of free loaders to be honest. The level of self esteem she has could only be surpassed by the level of dirt on the floor

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