Is there something wrong with you if you're the girl and you get rejected?

You know how everyone feels bad for guys when they pursue and get rejected? Nobody ever seems to talk about girls pursuing and getting rejected, almost like it never happens. So therefore, if you are one of the small percentage of women who pursue and get rejected, does that mean there's something completely wrong with you?


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  • No, it could just mean the guy is already in a relationship, or doesn't have time for one right then. The same reasons guys get rejected, for the most part.

    It's just that most girls have a lot of choices in guys, but most guys don't get many girls chasing them, so a bigger percentage of guys chasing her are going to get rejected, just mathematically.


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  • no. its normal. people dont get accepted overtime they ask. women should do it more often and it should;d be discussed in rejection topics. even if there's less women pursue than men doesn't make what they are doing any less real. and rejection sucks as much even more bc they are made to feel like there's something wrong as a woman not just a person.

    its be best if rejection topic was discussed about people, not portrayed as a gender exclusive holy realm of dating experience for men. bc it is simply not exemplative of reality.

    averages dont do shit for people as far as dealing with real life problems bc they dont represent each person.

    women oversee women get rejected. its part of womens world, its part of peoples world.

    I encourage women to discuss their experiences more, so others can learn from it.

    anyhow yeah women get rejected, it sucks but thats life. when you meet a person you click with, they won't reject you and it'll feel great.

    most people who persue deal with A LOT of rejection, unless they are not brave about it.

    I've been rejected near 20 times but i dont care about it at all. its past. and none of them matter once i found someone i really care for. or he found me.

    its best if you can just chalk it up to life and feel proud of yourself for trying, and try again :)

    the more you you try the more opportunities you have of succeeding. it hurts more but it feels better too. :)

    please dont feel like your sex is in any way an imperative for going after what you want, even if you dont get it sometimes its not bc you a woman,. or there's something wrong with you. life is full of losses ands gains. its normal.


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  • lol. Just by thinking girls never get rejected makes me feel there is something really wrong with you.

  • Absolutely not. You just weren't for him


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  • No there's nothing wrong with you, you're just not that guy's type or he's just going into some other stuff. I actually salute girls that go after the guy they like. But also you have to be able to read in between the lines so you can approach him accordingly

  • It happens all the time, its just that women pursue WAY less than guys. Seriously, there was a question on here a while ago and all (well, 80% of) the answers were girls saying men must hate being pursued because it never worked for them. I think it can work, but not typically.

    • You think a girl pursuing can work sometimes but not all the time?

      So I mean. I'm really straightforward, but does that mean maybe I should just shut up, sit back, and wait for a guy who really likes me to pursue me?

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    • Thank you so much. That made me feel so much better:)

    • Yes i agree some guys who could be interested might reject you just bc you asked before they did, but they would make really shitty bfs. If you can only feel good about someone if they dont have courage you're not a good partner. You can't be truly supportive or respectful, its like wanting them to fail in a sense just not so much that they are unattractive, but enough to make you feel superior.

      Im glad you mentioned you think they are not worth it, bc i think a lot of Women will decide to not pursue when they otherwise would, in case the guy doesn't like it. but if you are capable of pursuing and he doesn't like that,. he wants you to be incapable,. thats just crap.

      I hope Women do it more and more so guys have to get used to it and evenly itd be absurd to have a problem with it. i mean, i think it is absurd but it won't even be popular.

  • Nope. No one on the planet could ever be a perfect match for everybody. It just means something didn't click with that one in particular. Just move forward.

  • None sense. I've been rejected before, however just because you're rejected doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. It just means that particular guy isn't interested, but someone else probably will.

  • You know if you failed it or not.

    But if you tried your best, and KNOW you did well? Then, of course not.


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