Girls never look better with makeup?

It's a yes for me

I would only date girls which never wear makeup. If a girl wears makeup on the first date I'll give her a second chance and if I see it again I'll tell she will HAVE to stop wearing it if she wants to keep dating me.

I have acne for 7 years and backne for 5 years. I rarely get any hugs from girls and if I get a hug, that's the most physical I get with a girl. I'm studying biology atm and I come to the point that I have no female friends. I talk to one but I think I have her just to get some insight of a girl's point of view or just to say I have one.

Women are failing me. I have to try x10 harder to get a girl to like me because of my acne and I just don't have time and energy for it. They haven't consider anything and I'm doubting they will.

It makes feel so bad about society if I had to get rid of it so I can get someone to like me. If a girl has the makeup complexity in her life how could I trust we would have a healthy relationship. Down the line I would leave her or we will have different opinions. I don't see it happening.

I'm glad acne has happened to me. It taught me the real non shallow ways of beauty. If it wasn't for it I would probably be the same as those shallow guys.

I think makeup has always been a trap for guys, a good % of insecurity, and a result of society's pressure when there are waaaaay more positive things by not wearing it.

If you're ugly, you will still be ugly when natural good looking girls start using makeup aswell. There is no win here. Someone will love you and you will love someone for who they are. I have like girls who are generally 6 out of 10 that make me feel that she's an 11. For whatever reason it is.

At what cost can I find someone? Is it worth it?

No-makeup is the only way I will accept a girl but that doesn't matter because society has made them think different. I'm way to far off to get a girl to like me beca
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  • "I'll tell she will HAVE to stop wearing it if she wants to keep dating me." Ok bye. But no- girls don't wear make up for men- I thought this was known? It makes it feel good, if men really expect us to look the exact same without it I would think theyre delusional. Some women/girls are comfortable with out, don't like it and don't see the point. They are still the same person, with or without it. Make up won't make someone "so hot" if theyre naturally not... make up enhances. No one is forcing you to be with someone who wears it, you have your own preference, and I would say majority of people don't get together solely because of looks because those get old and repetitive its really the person that counts. there's no cost at finding someone, when you're interested follow through

    • Lies. Define "feel". There is nothing that physically makes you feel better with makeup.

      If a girl stops using makeup forever, she has changed lol. Completely in the sense of dating.

      Enhances? I call bs. It's fake. No way around it.

      If personality matters then mines has to be garbage because I don't even get Hi. I give up on women. They're waste of time and don't consider anything positive as positive.

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  • um... no lol. when used properly, makeup makes EVERYONE look better. it only looks bad if the person doesn't know wtf they're doing.

    man make-up is already on the market.

  • I personally do not wear makeup. I do not like the way it makes me feel. I look and feel like a totally different person (not myself)! I wish there were more guys that actually liked girls who don't wear makeup because almost all the girls I know who have dates wear makeup. I just don't understand why most men care so much about the way a girl appears and don't even give girls like me a chance...

  • It's a lie, I look better with make up haha , I'm not ugly without, but with it make me look more alive and less tired.

  • Are you blind, makeup makes most people look better.

  • Interesting but I doubt the majority agrees.


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