Ladies how would you feel if a guy told you this?

He basically implied that he was going to get to know me, and then because I called him out on something he said he didn't even want to try anymore because of the way I acted. The way he SAID it pisses me off because the word "try" makes me feel as if he thinks I'm begging for his attention?

Am I correct in this assumption?


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What Guys Said 2

  • The word try says nothing about you and everything about him. He has reevaluated his interest in pursuing a relationship with you. He was interested before, now he is not.

    He has basically said to you, that he is now unwilling to put forth any effort to get to know you. Take him at his word.

    • But isn't that shitty

    • It's called rejection.

      He was blunt. You now have as little interest in him as he has in you. Perfect balance.

  • Try to make the relationship work


What Girls Said 1

  • just dont talk to him. he is a bad person


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