Emo Guys and pretty much anyone who has been with an emo/punk/skater/scene guy, can I honestly ask you something?

No I'm not gonna be some desperate girl who wants to date any of you. Honestly, I really wouldn't mind that but I'm not going to start dating on some random site.


I have a few questions to ask. For starters, what are emo/scene/punk rock/skater guys like? Usually on social media, I see things like they're "overly-sensitive" and will go out of their reach to do crazy things and will often call themselves "furries". I doubt that is true, and if it is then that is okay. I do not judge. So, I guess what I'm asking is, what are you guys like?

Secondly, would any emo/scene/skater/punk rock guy go out of there way to dating a girl of a different race? For example, most people would call me "emo", whether its as an insult or as something different, and some would agree that I play the part, when in reality I'm stricken with social anxiety and too many other problems. I listen to punk-rock/metal/"scremo"/Japanese type music and I often dress the way of an "emo girl". I'm an African American, sixteen year old girl that should be obsessed with steryotypical things like twerking, going to parties and acting "ratched". Basically, I'm the definition of awkward.

Anyways, I guess what I'm really asking is... what are you guys like and would you even consider dating a girl that was like you, but of a different race?


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  • Everybody has their own interpretations of these images showing what they want, and what they expect.

    These people are no different to others, in the sense of how they act, whether it be deemed crazy or not.

    Everyone is a human being and has something different about them.

    Personally, I would have no issue dating a girl of a different race, but as I've said, everyone is different and thus I cannot speak for everyone else.


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