Please, please HELP, why can't I get her off my MIND?

I have feelings for this girl I barely know. I am not "in love" but have strong feelings for her nonetheless and can't get her off my mind

We dated shortly.

Then I found out she loved a guy before me in a serious long term relationship (she was 14 and 15 years old at the time).

There could of been potential but it drew a wedge between us because I couldn't get over it.

The fact she can never forget him and will always have a really sweet spot for him.

And she is a college freshman now and she goes to my college and I want to pursue her and invest myself in her but at the same time I am hesitant because she has loved before.

Rekindled first loves are the sweetest damn thing and she may feel that way deep down inside.

I don't know guys just HELP ME OUT HERE!!!
You fuckers please help me out


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  • Everyone has loved her, just try to connect with her again by being friends first, then see how it goes

    • But the thing is teen love experiences stick with people for life

      The fact she has been serious before hurts

    • Then make sure she knows you're not gonna hurt her, one step at a time

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