I am confused and unsure if this guy likes me. Did I do something wrong?

So there's this guy I like, one day I had gotten the guts to approach him and ask him for his number but once I did he just stayed quiet. So I said you could just say no if you want to and he didn't say anything. So I asked him if he wants me to put my number in his phone and as I was going to grab his phone, he said no. Then I thought he meant no to me putting my number in his phone so I said my number out loud. Then he asked me what area code that was and it got really awkward until he changed the subject and spoken about work. Then that day he said bye to everyone but me and just stared at me for a really long time and left. What did I do wrong? Everything was fine before this...


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  • He was just being a jerk, don't think too much about it. I have always wondered why girls usually 'like' such jerks. I mean... what an insensitive idiot he is. You're better off without someone like him.

    • Thanks, I thought he was a nice guy. I don't know why I liked him either, I guess I thought he was nice. Why would someone treat someone else like that? That's one thing I guess I haven't figured out.

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    • Well I kind of grew up here and yes, I think there are more opportunities here. It was kind of difficult for my family and I to adjust considering the cultural difference and language but I got used to it. I got bullied a lot though growing up but once I hit college, the bullying kind of stopped.

    • I can understand. Good that you finally got used to living there.

      I would be moving to Australia! :)

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