Does it sound like she likes me? And should I ask her out?

Ok so I am the director/performer for a traveling improvisational comedy group. One of my new actresses. I did a show last weekend together. She was blast to work with we were talking the whole night and after the show we got back to the hotel & asked if she would want to meet me in the lobby to discuss another project of mine she is apart of. We stayed in the lobby 3 or 4 hours just talking about different things not just business stuff. I realized she and I have a lot of things in common and would really like to date her. So since we've been back I've only text her a couple of times for business reasons I was going to ask her out but my friend said to wait and see if she feels the same way by seeing if she shows any signs of being interested. So I'm not sure if she does like me. Here's the thing tho 1. I'm her boss so it's a conflict right there. 2. She's talking to one of my actor who really likes her and says she likes him but he's always apalogizing for different stuff and hits on other girls at shows and even did that in front of her. by the way my actor she is talking to I look at like a little brother and he knows I have a thing for her and asked me to not act on my attraction and not flirt with her which I think is ba because he hits on other women and try's to date them. I'm not sure if I should ask her out or how I should go about finding out if she feels the same because I don't really know if she does I know I like her a lot tho and feel we have a lot in common. Any advice? P


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  • I think it would be futile to ask her out. I mean.. she likes this other guy, and he likes her too. So unfortunately, you don't stand much of a chance with her. Seek out girls who are single AND not crushing on anyone else


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