How do you get over someone you never dated? (No closure as to why they are ignoring you; but you have to move on)?

I'm 21. I don't need to be hung up on this ONE dude I NEVER even dated. But here I am, on my break from college, thinking about a guy who went from interested to ignoring me.. Without a reason, just poof, and no matter what attempt I make, it's pointless. So, I need to move on. I can't think what if he comes back? I can't keep looking at his Facebook page. I can't keep listening to songs that explain my situation with him. I just need to STOP. But it's much harder that what I envisioned. For some reason, he snagged my heart. We only hung out like 3 times for a few hours... But since the first time I saw him months ago I was hooked (and it is a rare thing for me). So, I'm doomed. I'm breaking my own heart, staying in and eating chocolate, turning down other guys and dates because I'm hung up on a guy (who 90% chance is not thinking about me at all.) What's my deal? How pathetic am I? -_- Anyone have tips? Advice?


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  • Have you told him how you feel?

    • No... The last message was asking him to lunch and saying I liked his company, and then he never responded. So I took his silence as a hint he was not interested. :(

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    • It would help

    • Oookay 😁

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  • you realize that there is nothing to it, and closure is not required. you just keep on living your life.

    • Yeah except I don't just think like that

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