Do you always have to text a guy first?

I've recently been on 2 dates with this guy and he's really nice. The only thing I'm worried about is that if I want to talk I always have to text him first. Is that normal for guys?


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  • I'm sorry, but to me at least this is a bad sign. If a guy I like doesn't text me first very often, means he does not care (actually in this situation right now). BUT that doesn't mean it's necessarily like this, I remember telling a guy it bothered me once and after that he actually got pretty involved too.
    You could test it and like stip texting for a day or two to see if he texts you first. If not, maybe he doesn't like texting so much ( not the worst case scenario, but still) or you need to talk to him and sort out his feelings, if he is interested or not.

  • I normal do... Since I don't know! But they are friends so!


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