How Do I Interpret These Mixed Signals?

In one of my college classes there is this girl that I really like. We talk and tease each other all the time. We got each other's numbers and are friends on Facebook. She's told me several times that we should hang out, and has flirted with me and told me I'm one of her best friends. So a week ago I called her to ask if she would like to go skating on the upcoming Saturday. Not a date, but it would just be the two of us. Well, when Saturday came she texted me saying she had forgotten that her little sister was singing with a symphony that night and that she couldn't make it. She continued to say we should still meet up sometime over the winter break. In my response I said I understood and that would have to let me know if she wanted to do something. Since then she hasn't sent me any texts, which isn't unusual, and she did post a picture of her at the symphony on Facebook that I saw, so that was true. I don't understand, though. From how she's acted around me and talked with me I've felt like she's liked me, but I don't get why she wouldn't remember her sister's recital or try and make new plans if she actually wanted to do something with me.

So what do you guys think?


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  • Ask her out

    • Why do you say that?

    • She might like you

    • I thought that, but she canceled our plans and hasn't talked to me since...

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