Why do women like me but never message me?

From their tweets and facebook status's - I see they're watching me and expressing concern and they see me as somebody, but they'l never message me, ever. They like me as a friend or express interest (I think) because I'm very handsome and yet they never message me. They always express concern, they recognize my "status" and they see me as very good looking, but they never ever say anything direct to me. Instead (the ones who like me) they recognize my non physical qualities but never make it clear if they want to meet me. I've messaged them before, saying a couple things, but they never respond - they just continually watch me, express concern, like the way I look, recognize my status; but they never ever message me back... They just watch me and watch me. I feel like I am... I don't know, I don't know what I should feel or what they're thinking really. One of them insults me, but indirectly not not cruelly. For example one said I was born a prince and died a slave. But I'm not a push-over. I just have limiting beleifs that are very hard to overcome.

All I know is I feel alone and I feel alone especially this Christmas.


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  • Because looks don't really matter to women


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