Starting over: Dating and Relationships?

After 2 years, my long distance relationship came to an end. We are still close friends.

So.. I have to start over. It was my first relationship, my first girlfriend, my first kiss, and my first love. I have to start over now. I've leared that i really like relationships. Physically and emotionally.

I would really love to find someone in closer proximity than 700 miles though. I dont feel i can wait months or years, especially when i am reminded or think about having a girlfriend constantly. I feel like id have a 99% better chance online than meeting someone in whatever situation based off that i dont go out much or would have the macho to make moves. Online is easier plus i can immediately see interest and whatnot. What sites do i use? Anyone in central florida or hinesville, ga area?

Im such a sucker for romance and relationships. Being with her and those experiences were so awesome, and i want more of that, and i want to make someone happy.


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  • Online may be easier but it isn't real. Try meeting women in real life.


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