Have you ever fallen for a friends with benefits after you told them you were just friends with benefits?

In my case - a year into seeing each other, we finally had the conversation. Where we decided there was something missing and we couldn't be more as much as we liked each other. Since then, we've been laughing more, more trusting, more open, talk more, better sex. So I'm not sure, I feel as though things are developing..

just looking for others experiences in cases like these!


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  • If you fall for a friend with benefits, cut it off immediately. It usually does not end well. I had this happen to me 3 times where I fell for the guy. Now I don't do friends with benefits anymore

    • Lol that happens a lot with girls. They have a hard time separating emotions from sex.

    • @KENKONG I'm not sure what's so funny about good advice

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Yes kind of in a situation like this right now... we talk like a couple but still only friends with benefits


What Girls Said 2

  • Nope, but they've fallen for me and wanted to go on dates and such but I refused.

  • Yeah I think most people have! i never been in these deals!


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