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I'm in a Long Distance Relationship relationship for last one year, I visit my girlfriend once in 2 months (its a 4 hour flight for me). She is still studying and i'm in the early stages of my career - so its all in a shoestring budget. We normally text and chat literally every hour. When I go to meet her, i plan my trip well in advance. She will be all excited before my trip, but every time i visit, it turns out to be a let down. Either she gets some last minute school stuff or work schedule or family event. In my 2-3 day trip, I end up meeting her for 2-3 hours. When i tell her to plan her things in advance during my trip and free some time, she gets very offended and it becomes an argument. Once the argument starts she will refuse to meet me for the rest of the my trip. Once i leaves, she will be apologizing and crying for not able to meet me. Not sure how to handle this.. i really love this girl and I dont want to give up. Please help me with your comments


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  • If you boarded a plane and flew half way across the country just to see her and she didn't spend every possible second with you while you were there, then she is either hiding something or you are not a priority for her. She should be with you every minute that you are in town; with very few exceptions.


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