How to get over my first crush (yeah.. i'm in the friendzone) ?

simple as that... but you can ask as much details as you want


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  • Time. Nothing works better than simply time.

    • it's been 3 months... but we still talk to each other... should i "take a break" from talking to her? is this what you meant by "time" ?

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    • because isn't a friendzone is about staying friends? and friends should stay in touch and even hang out?

      i already told her i'll support her in her love life...

      was this a bad decision?

    • Well, I do suggest taking a break from talking to her then.

What Guys Said 2

  • The friend zone is fun if you ask me , sometimes you got to realize the girl is just a shitty friend the longer the friend zone last the more you learn about the person and can predict her decisions and actions. Get to know other people and if you see her around don't ignore her , my dumb friend zone friend had times were she would cringe when I showed her how amazing of a friend I was and would get turned on by me a couple of times also , and she ended up having the friend zone more than me , some girls regret friend zones some enjoy it , but if you want to have more fun with the friend zone keep every little interaction you have with her a little flirty but don't give her attention if she's being a little bitch or stuck up , she doesn't deserve it then

  • Crush on someone else


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