Should I start dating him?

We're at college, in the same group but we never talk to eachother, nor have the same friends.
I noticed that he started liking me, giving all kinds of signs. But I didn't really respond to him.
When he looks at me his eyes widen up and has a soft expression, he looks at me like he sees something he likes, but doesn't say anything. If I wouldn't know him at all I would think he is a shy person. I heard a few things about him like being a player or having a girlfriend in the past and cheating on her. He is a sociable guy and has a lot of friends as girls too.
Can a guy that looks at a girl like that have some feelings for her? Can you fake that?
And yes, I think I started liking him. That's why I don't know if I should do somehing or just let it go.


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  • Well, you never know if you like him, if you dismiss him right away. That's why people date, to find out who they're compatible with


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