HELP should I ASK HIM OUT? What should I do?

So I'm a senior and I followed this sophomore in college (he goes to a university near our hometown and still lives at home) on insta first and he followed me back. Then on Saturday he friend requested me first (along with other ppl). Yesterday I decided to message him about how he likes the college and it went super well he usually replied right away to my messages after I sent them and we talked about the college and our majors. But I don't know what to say anymore to keep the convo going. We were talking about the cheating policy and how ridiculous it is because you can't work together & he just said "EE major." "They say that but you know, everyone still does lol" so what can I say to keep a convo going? I want to hangout with him over break but I'm afraid I'll scare him away or creep him out because I'm a HS senior while he's a college student... I don't want to seem desperate since we've never actually met in person before :( what should I say or do?
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  • I think that if you call him to hang out and make it seem like it's a friendly thing only, you can give it a try. I think it won't creep him out since it's not a "date".

    • I don't have his number I've been Facebook messaging him.. I don't know how asking to hangout can come off as casual. What should I message him though? Like "hey are you free next week? If so, do you want to grab coffee sometime?"

    • Try to find an excuse. Maybe if you hang out with some friends and ask him to come with you it'll seem more friendly. Then you talk personally and you can invite him later to hang out only with you. There are more options that can be explored.

  • Really the only way to really know is to just do it.šŸ˜€šŸ˜€


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