Girls, Girls- Would you or wouldn't you date a virgin guy?

To be specific - not a very young virgin guy, but a guy who's already in his LATE TWENTIES and still hasn't had sex. Would you still be willing to consider it? Or would you deem it too abnormal and freakish? The said guy's definitely NOT waiting till marriage, he's clean and healthy, and he's also athletic, intelligent and well-mannered. But he has his own reasons for not having had sex yet, which he isn't comfortable about sharing with you until you've established a friendly relationship with him. Would you, or wouldn't you?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would. Not sure he'd date me though. I AM waiting for marriage so we might conflict on those grounds.


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What Girls Said 3

  • It's honestly not my ideal, but if he's a decent human being, I'd be willing to give him a shot.

  • as long he not just wanting to get his rock off and he cares and is passionate about wanting a relationship I don't see a problem

  • I honestly wouldn't care.


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