Should I buy her a Christmas gift?

I've known this girl for about 4 months we have been keeping it casual just talking and going out. she knows that i like her. She got a divorce about 2 years ago and she has a little girl. I got the little girl a gift. but i haven't decided what to get her. i was thinking a card with a special message. & a gift card to her favorite restaurant. i dont want to rush things and make her feel pressure just want to show her that im there for her and i really care.
also is it ok if i got the little girl a dress as a gift


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  • Get her jewelry 🙃

    • even tho we are not dating?

    • She will know u care

    • what would you recommend?
      the reason i asked i did this ones with another girl that i had known for about 7months and i gave her a necklace for her birthday and after that she never spoke to me again i guess it scared her off

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