Is he still into me?

A guy that I've been talking to since April is starting to confuse me with his behavior. I feel like he still likes me since he texts me every week asking to hang out but he only texts me when he wants to hang out and not just to have a conversation with me. A couple months ago he found out that I lied to him about something and he didn't talk to me for two weeks and I thought that we were done, but then he texted me asking to hang out and told me that he forgave for what I did. My main issue with him is that he refuses to meet my mom since he is not currently in school and she didn't find out about him until she found out that we were having sex. I feel like if he wants to be with me then he should want to meet my family. Also we're not even allowed to hang out until my mom meets him so I have to lie to my mom about where I'm going when I hang out with him. He's nice and such a gentleman in person but whenever we text he can be kind of rude. I'm starting to get fed up with him because I want commitment and I feel like he won't date me because of my mom. When we first met he wanted to date me so bad and now I think dating me is the last thing on his mind. Last night I asked him if we should still see each other and he said "it's up to you". What does that mean? Should I just give up or should I wait to see if he has a change of heart? Is he losing interest in me? I really like this guy and I don't want to lose him! How could I make this last and get him to commit? Please help!


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  • Sweetie, this is gonna sound a little harsh but the guy is only into you for the sex. If he doesn't want to meet your mother and he didn't want to be committed he is only with you for the sex. If all he wants to do is text you about hanging out and not have a decent conversation. He doesn't want to be with you just to be with you. He's only using you. I'm sorry but I wouldn't continue on the relationship as much as it hurts I wouldn't.

  • This is complicated, but if he can live without u, u can live without him


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