Does he like me?

my boyfriend has been acting really weird lately. He likes to text me but he never texts first. NEVER. He's a pretty sexual person and I'm okay with that and I try my best to make him happy. Last Sunday we got into an argument. I was out with friends but he wanted to sext so I told him no for tonight but I'm up for it tomorrow. He got all mad. I apologized because I don't want him to be mad at me but he hasn't texted me since then. What should I do? Does he really love me?


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  • I think you should dump him. Obviously he is carrying the relationship to get btwn your thighs. Once he got what he wants he'll drop you off like it never happened.

    • maybe, do you think there's a way I can fix it?

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    • thank you!

    • You're welcome

  • I can't give sex advice to an under 18 year old but, what I can try to explain to you is how he may have been thinking that night. A lot of women, often don't like men having nights with the guys, because they think he may go out and flirt and or cheat with some girl he just met while out with the guys, it's perfectly natural to think like that, people cheat all the time, right? Well, I think he was mad that you were turning him down because he thinks you're cheating and or were going to that night. I can't speak for him but that would be my guess. What you need to do is just reassure him that you didn't cheat and that you would never cheat on him. If he's still acting like this afterwards, you need to seriously look at how mature he isn't being. But like I said, try that first

    • we've talked about cheating a lot and he know's i would never do that...

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    • thank you :)

    • Told*

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  • No. U r like WAYYYYYYYY too good 4 him. Leave him. Go get a better guy

    • I can't leave him, he just lost his grandma and his best friend. I'm trying to be there for him but he's acting weird lately and I don't know what to do :/

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    • Try not to talk to him, because if he REALLY needs u then he will want to talk to u. If he cares enough about u to dial ur number , then he will call u

    • thank you :) you're right

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