I felt like I was being rude to this guy?

So yesterday I hung out with this guy not really sure if it was a date or not but yeah he came over to my house and he said we were going to go eat or watch a movie but we stayed in his car the whole time. When we were in his car he was on his phone almost the whole time and he would not really look at me. We were talking but i just found it really annoying that he was doing that. Then he pulled out his vape and started smoking it in front of me and he didn't even ask if it was ok. Im like super sensitive to 2nd hand smoke i start getting really light headed and Super sleepy. Then the conversation was getting better and he started to actually look at me and some how he started tickling me and he ended up basically on me and he was kissing my neck and i told him to get off but he was like pinning me down to my seat. I didn't want to bw rude and yell at him but i did tell him he was being annoying by smoking infront of me. I don't know i just feel kind of bad. Did i do something wrong?


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  • Are you kidding me? What makes you think you did anything wrong? That guy is useless and rude. Why give him a second thought at all?

    • I don't know because i feel so bad when im rude to someone even though they were rude to me

    • How were you rude for stating your mind and letting him know his behavior was unacceptable?

  • NO! he is a terrible person and u deserve better! He sucks!


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