Help, What do you think we are?

Me and this guy have been seeing eachother for little bit, we have really only hung out twice by ourseleves, ( dinner dates, watched movies) we haven't done anything major expect heavy making out and such. He invited me to his hockey teams Christmas party which is tonight, he said that the guys who have girlfriends are bringing them sooo i'm curious as to what that makes me? But i personally think its to soon to ask, what do you guys think? I just don't really know what to tell people if they ask me what me and him are?


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  • second hard ball of the day... okay so even if this sounds offensive just stick with me and you will see what i mean okay?

    First of all you guys are probably dating, going out, BF&GF, but both of you are probably scared of saying something are scare the other into running away because the other may not want an "official" relationship
    (this is where you may be offended) then again, since you have being going out to diner and movies even just once and made out he may think you're "easy" or he is just playing you and you dont want to be the "whore" he brings to her friends (one time at a party a friend brought this girl to a party and almost got a gang bang going but she was not into it so my girlfriend and her friends pull her to the side and we took her home, turns out she was never clear about their relationship either, don't be scare tho that was like a 1 in a million)
    now here is what you can do but this is a big gamble, ask him what you are to him or if this is official, what ever he does or says is your answer, really all you have to do is ask
    normal people can't read minds sometime we forget that men and women... really just ask him don't be scare because i can bet you 10 bucks he is far more scared of asking you that

    • Okay, no that was good advice. I'm going to wait and see if he introduces me as his " girlfriend" or something along those lines tonight. And i don't want to come off as "easy" i don't think i have been either, i guess i will find out sooner or later what will happen. Thanks :)

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  • You're still in a dating phase.


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  • I wish kissing/making out is what made people BF/GF.

  • he obviously wants you to be his girlfriend!


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