Girls, how can I approach you without being creepy?

My biggest fear of approaching a random girl is not the fear of rejection but the fear of being judged and labelled as a creep. I keep picturing the nightmare scenario where I approach a girl in a moderately crowded place such as a supermarket and she yells out "get a way from him me creep" and everybody just turns and looks at me. And perhaps a few white knights jump me.

I am really shy and get really nervous just thinking about it, and I have been in several situation contemplating whether I should go for it or not, but I've never actually have, because of the reason above.

So how do I go about it. Again, I dont care about being rejected in a polite manner, am certain I would feel good that I just tried. I just dont want to find myself in an ultra embarassing situation.

Anyways, what is the proper way, without being creepy? I mean in public spaces such as supermarkets, malls, cloth shopps etc.


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  • You worry too much about being creepy. That's your first mistake. Worrying about such a thing limits yourself and stifles you. You fail to express your core self by being in your head, afraid to say the wrong thing. You'll even fail to approach that cute girl you like.

    Speak what's on your mind. You have to learn to be yourself at 150%! But you first need to know yourself, since you're a shy person and likely haven't been put in many social situations, then you need to get out of your comfort zone and figure out the type of person you are when you are in those social scenarios. But as always, the first step is to just say "hello" and look at her in the eyes, and just say whats on your mind. Can be as simple as a silly made-up assumption or a compliment.

    20% of what you say matters. 80% that does matter is HOW you say it. It's mostly sub-communication. In fact, some say if you strive to 'fail' or be 'creepy,' you'll accidentally succeed and get a number.

    Just note. You will get rejected by being yourself. A lot. But don't let that stop you. It only means you're shutting out the girls genuinely not right for you, and that you should be thankful not to go through the grind and drama with those kinds of girls who can't enjoy your own humor and wits.


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  • Just approach them in a club


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  • Just small talking with most girls should be fine. Don't give excessive compliments nor should you get to personal these things take time. If you want to get in a relationship with someone the first step is to become their friend.

  • Be attractive and be confident 👍✌


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