I am so depressed?

I swear life, i dont feel the joy anymore. I am 23 and i have chosen the wrong path of college degree, i am finishing it but i dont know what my passion is. I am good at design, i am a natural talent at drawing. I dont want graphic design etc. I might want to take a fashion course, for becoming a pattern maker, maybe that will make me happen, only thing is i dont really care for fashion... its not my thing, i just like making things from scratch.. but i will be 25 when i start 27/28 when i am done. Or i can continue my degree for officemanagement and see where that will lead me...


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  • I think you have this question in the wrong section as this is for Dating questions, but whatever it happens.

    So you like to make create things from scratch? I'm not sure how many jobs out there that are relevant to what you would Like to or Want to do though, or even offers it and what their expectations and requirements are for them?

    And sometimes just because you want to or like to do something for a living it may not always be possible and it can be quite difficult. Just have to find something tolerable but practical, it's tough and shit, but wouldn't you be just as depressed if you like what you did but aren't able to even make any income at all or find a job or place hiring for what you want or like to to just because it's not something really in demand or have a need for professionally?

    Have you talked with a career counselor or someone at school to see if they can help you with your situation?

    It's hard to want to do only something that is just a part of an industry, since you said you aren't really into fashion, but you like to make things from scratch, and have a natural talent at drawing.

    What other majors or careers out there that have a demand for such talent? Ask someone at school at the appropriate department for further advice and see what they would recommend that you should do.

    Which part of Office Management are you focusing on? Is it something like Human Resources? Accounting? Records Management? or something else entirely?

    • its like a secretary degree

    • I'm studying stuff relevant to Office Administration myself currently. However my end goal is to acquire these skills and that I hope I would be able to work from home such as via telecommuting in a home office thus reducing stress from travel times between work and home. And as well as making it easier to actually even look for and get a second job. Would rather have 2 jobs and sources of income instead of Solely just one now since you never know when and if layoffs and downsizing will occur in the current economic climate.

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  • Don't worry to much many of us in life never actually know what we want to do. You've done well up to now just keep going and keep your options open. The more strings to your bow the better chance you have of finding something you enjoy.

  • IM me if you want. I may be able to give you some pointers if you like.

  • It seems we all have different stages of life where we don't know what to do and are overwhelmed , we all have to find our path and even make bad choices , try to find out more about those careers , sets some goals if you can. Right now I'm having a bad time in life and I'm trying to find hope and some goals too


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