What should I do?

So I've been in a relationship with this french guy for like 2 months, he's nice to me, he sends cute messages, he always asks about how my day or week was... I've never been with a guy that cares this much.
He is Christian and I am Muslim, we respect each other's religion and beliefs, no one of us asked the other to convert. He accepts me as I am and I do the same...
The problem is, lately I've been kind of getting away of my beliefs, like sexually, I started doing things that I don't really want to do, like I don't sleep with him and he's cool with the fact that I can't, but though he asks me to do other things, like kissing on the bed for hours, him being layed on me (witouht getting naked, he knows I don't like to be naked in front of him). He's behaviour's not the same after being done kissing me, he's less smiling and caring...
Also, he does things that make me feel that he doesn't trust me the way he should, such as taking his phone with him (to the bathroom) when he wants to take a shower, and to be honest this is something I don't really admire.

Maybe most of you guys are going to ask me to break up with him, but I think I really fell in love with him, he told me he's in love with me too..

Please guide me and tell me what I should do..
Thanks in advance.


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  • Wait until he says there's a problem


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