Can you tell me why he's acting like this?

Can you tell me why he's acting like this?
I was dating a guy for 5 months. Things were amazing, and we were besotted by eachother. I called things off 3 months ago, due to personal issues and being scared he wouldn't fall in love with me as I did with him. (Silly I know) but ever since all we do is argue.. Then have a lovely conversation and then argue again about feelings, other people, and about moving on. I'm completely in love with him... And last night we were on a staff party and him and me got into an argument.. Went outside so it wouldn't be awkward for the other people.. And tired to talk things through... In the middle of his he kissed me, I walked away and he looked at me and went 'why are you walking away again' I kept going because all of it got to much, he followed me and also told me he was in love with me to, and we both cried, (we had a drink but not stupidly drunk) the night ended better and we were fine, but today he seems quite cold with me, he's very insecure and hates mentioning his feelings... Is he cold with me because he's let himself be vunraleb to me?
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What Guys Said 2

  • Things were going well and you felt the need to kill it. So you did. Now you wonder why it's dead? Trust is gone. Security is gone. You weren't going out long enough for him to put up with rollercoaster nonsense.

    Hope you learned something

  • if you really were in love with him... why did you end it?

    • I was scared I didn't want to fall in love with someone who might be to insecure to let himself love me

    • hmmm... I think you need to talk this through... alone together and WITHOUT ALCOHOL.
      I relly hope things work out for you :-)

What Girls Said 1

  • He may be just thinking over the situation in general, I feel like when guys are in deep thought they tend to retreat from the situation and not think about how it would make you feel. I would give him a little bit of time of his own, he probably needs to think over what he wants, and you have to give him some space away to clear his head from the constant arguing then making up, in order to get his clear, honest perspective.


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