How to make a move on a shy guy?

I'd like to say I'm confident, because for the most part I am... just not with the guy I'm into. I'm almost positive he's into me, but he's super shy (at least around me) and so even with the amount of baiting I've tried to do, he's not going to make a move. But I'm incredibly awkward and I always get nervous that for whatever reason I'm completely wrong and he doesn't have any interest in me. How do I suck it up and make a move, or should I just wait?


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  • Speaking from experience: Some guys aren't really shy but for example in my case with my now girlfriend we started as friends and i personalty felt scare to ask her out because that is a big gamble, she could say yes and it could work out great (like it did), she could had said no and make this awkward for a while or forever, worst she could had said yes and things would not work out and then im out of a girlfriend and an awesome friend, but her sister told me do just ask her as she knew because she is really smart or i was too obvious, it worked out great


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  • Try talking to him?

    • Well thats one of the problems, there's not a whole lot to talk about. I can only ask him about history homework so many times. I do talk to him, but its pretty awkward as of right now.

    • Ask him his interests)

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