Need help! Confusing boy situation!

So, there is a guy that I like. He's a senior and I'm a junior. He's very nice and respectful and is interested in what I think and what I am interested in. He asked me on a date to go dancing a month ago, but then it didn't work out so we went out to dinner instead. This month, it was our schools Sadie Hawkins dance, so I asked him and he said yes. He had turned someone down before me because he wanted to go with me. He was so excited and told everyone about it and I was so certain that he liked me or had a crush on me or something. He would always hug me or sit next to me and put his arm over the back of my chair. But he never answers texts or phone calls rarely and never goes on Facebook. We only have one class together but its music so we can't really talk. He has senior friends, so I don't know why he'd like me of all people. At the first dance of the year, he was totally all over this girl dancing, but at the dance yesterday he didn't do that to me. I think he was just being respectful, but it was weird. I just cannot figure out if he likes me or not. I really want to ask him if he does, but I'm not so sure yet. Plus, he's leaving for college in the fall to the east coast, so I wouldn't get to see him much again unless I go to the east coast for college, which is a possibility. Am I just being paranoid and should I get over this, or do you all think it could go somewhere?

Thanks for the advice! :)


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  • hahaha, that's super cute.

    This guy sounds like a good dude. There could be many reasons why he doesn't answer texts, phone calls or goes on FB - he is too busy, and really values face to face conversations. That's fantastic, in my opinion.

    The reason he would be totally all over a girl is because he knows her comfort level, but with you, he was clearly being respectful and letting "you" tell him how close he could get. That's very cool.

    And why is it so hard to believe that someone could like you? Age really doesn't matter. You obviously are doing something to attract him.

    But let me tell you something here, and please heed my advice and research it. Long-distance relationships are KILLER. Don't do it, focus on your life first and the goals you want to achieve. Don't go chasing a boy across the country and forget about the things you want in life. If you both end up on the east coast, I would suggest pursuing it :)

    And don't worry if nothing comes out of this. There are a million fantastic men out there who are respectable, funny and caring. You're gonna do just fine! Good luck!

    • Thanks so much! This makes a lot of sense. He is really busy since he took a year abroad last year so is taking double classes right now.

      He is a really nice person, and seems really geniuine and is very respecting of me which I like. I've never had a boyfriend before so I'm new to all of this stuff! My sister knows him better than I do, so maybe I could get her to find out for me. I know I'll eventually tell him myself, but I just don't know when. Soon, though

      This was really helpful. Thanks!

    • I'm glad I could help, good luck!

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  • It could go somewhere just give it time. If he is interested in being with you more than just friends he will notify you.

    • I know I should give it time, but I feel like time is running out. He could become uninterested, or nothing could happen before he leaves for college... I know I want to let him know how I feel, I just don't know when.

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    • For sure, I will definitely let him know soon. I don't want to tell him right before and then learn that he has liked me this whole time. It's just hard to gage when its right.

      Thanks for the help! :)

    • No problem

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