Online dating: talk to only one person?

I have been chatting to a guy I connected with through plenty of fish. We exchanged numberd, have been texting a few days and spoke on the phone once. We arranged to meet in the new year. He said he was looking to meet someone to be with no expectations just spend time with and see where it leads.

He logged on to pof and saw I had been online. saying he was concerned he wasn't my only attraction and there for wants to call it a day.

I see no problem talking to a few people at once when your not dating or have met any of them.

What is your opinion?

I found it surprising some one is asking for no expectation from someone else. Yet expects me to have ignored the people I was already talking to, stop logging on and only talk to them despite not having me and only talking a few days.


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  • Well, you should probably remind him that he has no right to be asking you that.

    • Well they didn't even ask or tell em that. Just suddenly out of the blue saying I think we should call it a day (after just a week of chatting on phone and text) because he had seen me online on pof.

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