How to deal with a friend who likes you with no mutual feelings?

Okay so I am in a relationship with a man and we're very in love. I see my future with him so I do not intend on ending our story or even worse cheat on him, just in case.
But here's the thing, I have a very kind friend that I really enjoy talking to. I do not have any romantic feelings for him at all, however he does. He knows I'm in a relationship yet he can't help but love me.
I feel terrible, I don't want to end our friendship but I also feel bad I cause him such pain. He's a very great man as well.

How to deal in this situation?


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  • The friendship will probably need to end. If you're in love with the guy you're with and you imagine being with him, then your friend needs to accept that. From what you've said though it sounds like he's not willing to accept that, and maybe then it would be the best for both of you to part ways for a while. As much as he can be a great friend, if/when you get married, friendship with other guys is going to change. Two of my best friends married each other and my relationship with the girl has changed, we're all still friends, but it's clear that her husband is number one in her life. Likewise, your friend needs to accept that's the way things are, or your friendship has great potential to become toxic between all three of you. Talk it out with him first, but if he can't accept your stance on the matter, you can't really compromise anymore.

    • Thank you for your answer!

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  • Hook him up with a female friend of yours.


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