Guys, should itext him first?

My pride is really messing with me... so there's this guy I can't stop thinking about him I've never had this.. here's what happen we texted everyday and I got goodmorning texts from him every morning I loved it he started calling me baby and I gave him this cute nickname, I fell asleep in the phone with him and... he finally got me to meet his friends one night and it was fun but I left to go home earlier than them cause it was his 4guy friends me and him I felt like I was bothering them being the only girl there so I walked home he offered to drive me but I didn't wanna ruin their night it wasn't even far for me to walk , when I got home he texted me to see if I was safe and he asked if I was mad I wasn't... and I got the normal texts he likes my Instagram pics but now that I text him he like just... texts me k or okay or two words...


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