Online dating 911! I have no idea what to do next!! Help Please?

I met this guy on Happn about two weeks ago, we have been talking most of the day ever since. We talked first in the app and then he asked for my number, and since then we have sent each other voice messages most of the time, the ocational photo of what I'm eating, what he is doing etc...
The first week we talked I was in the same town as him, right now I went home for the holidays (I'll be back by January 3). After about 5 days of talking by text I invited him to a party at my friends house, which (obviously) he declined, but he said he would make it up to me by buying me some coffee and a pice of cake from a really good bakery in town. We made plans for when I got back, like him meeting my dog, going out, etc.
The last couple of days he is being distant, like I would send him a whole story of my day and his response would be short, not like at the beginning. The last message I sent he left it un answered, today I sent the "moring" text. Most of the days that wasn't necesary since he would answer me after I had fallen asleep and and would answer when I woke up and continue as if nothing happened.
Should I continue to talk to him, like tomorrow morning?
I once read that if you sent the last message and it was unaswered you should wait for the other person to respond, but I feel like that is lame. Then again, I don't want to sophocate the guy. I felt like we had a connection, I was beginig to like him more.
I'm open for suggestions. I have never done the online dating thing, I tried tinder once but just for "one-night stand", so that dosen't count.
If I don't talk to him tomorrow I would definitely send a Merry Christmas text on the 24th at night.


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  • If he doesn't text u, he isn't interested 😪😪😪


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  • 🙈 I don't know I've never done it really


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