How do talk to girls?

how to chat with them and how do you text them its gets really awkward and i get nervous.


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  • honestly just be yourself. If it gets awkward well that's ok, maybe your'e just an awkward person! If you wanna be flirtatious then go for it, but go in strong. If strong flirting isn't your thing, then do some sweet flirting that will really melt her heart <3 If you need any more help just let me know :)

    • what about texting?

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    • but what does it mean when answers with like small answer and lol stuff like that

    • If she answers with small texts, she herself could just be really nervous. She might not know what to say. Or she might just not feel quite comfortable chatting with you yet. Or she just might not like you lol sorry :( If you're trying to ask her questions and she's kinda just being quite then you talk. For example if you ask her how her day was and she's like yeah fine blah blah then you can be like well cool i did this and this but was thinking about you so i texted you :)

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  • With your mouth? haha! No just be normal!

    • lol! well i can't be normal infront of girls and crush , i feel comfortable not nervous when i talk to friends or guys

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  • I don't know.. I have this problem too. Maybe pretend it's a guy or just one of your friends?


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